History of Liquidus

Liquidus CMS is the the culmination of many years of advanced development delivering high end content managed systems for some of the largest companies in the UK today and a brief timeline is provided to help you understand this history behind the system that exists today.

2002 - Liquidus is Born!
Liquidus was conceived to assist in streamlining the approach to delivering multiple cost effective web sites for smaller businesses within Salisbury and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.  Produced using the now obsolete ASP Classic and Microsoft Access Database System.

2003 - Liquidus Grows Up.
Liquidus was enhanced to start providing basic Customer Relationship Management features using Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server for Ishida Qualitech.  Later during 2003 the basic Business Process Framework was added to provide additional features that could help track larger scale project tasks and the workflow engine was produced.

2005 - Assets for managing.
Liquidus as we know today was starting to take shape in the form of asset management with business process modelling for Jamar Communications and the FleetWatch system.  FleetWatch is a remote equipment Asset Management System for use within the fork truck industry. The system receives encoded packets of data from remote units using GPRS telecommunications; which are processed into real-time asset usage and fault prevention information.

2008 - Liquidus goes Large.
Liquidus finally proves it's worth on big time project with a new design using the Microsoft .Net Framework with BAA Plc.  Liquidus is utilised to help deliver an application to support and manage a multi-million pound, UK wide, network infrastructure upgrade programme.  Liquidus is re-developed in Asp.Net and SQL Server 2000 to provide Workflow, Asset Management, Progress Reporting, Dynamic Cable Diagram Creation, Document Management and MIS. 

2010 Liquidus the Property Hub.
The Liquidus Framework was used as a baseline starting point to help develop a property management portal for Capita Symonds.  The Hub was originally conceived to replace various SharePoint sites with a single, integrated  Liquidus based interface that could collect and present a wide range of property and fund information from an variety of data sources.  

2012 Liquidus Job Management.
Today Liquidus is being used by a wide range of large and small businesses for Content, Document and Business Process management tasks before online and offline.  Atkins Global PLC are the latest company to take advantage of the low cost powerful features within Liquidus and today they are levering the workflow engine to help track and maintain a wide range of minor works projects include airside elements of network management using AMWIS, a liquidus based framework running on SQL Server 2012 and .Net 4.0. 

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