Content Management Systems

Liquidus CMS provides a massive and wide reaching range of systems so whether you are setting up a small company web site, a collection of micro sites or a 25,000 page indexing reference, Liquidus loves them all the same. Our flexible approach to design, features and hosting mean you can start anywhere and grow with ease and prices start from a little as £249.99.

Regardless of if you are just starting out or you’re an experienced web professional, our content management system, Liquidus will help ensure you have an incredible system with amazing control right from the get go. We provide an online WYSIWYG editing system that combines a powerful visual designer alongside raw html code editing. Liquidus offers a vast array of tools to help your success online, it wants to help and Liquidus can bend and shape itself to suit your ever changing requirements.

Content Management Features 

  • Easy to use, web based interface.
  • Rich content editing tools for novice and experts alike.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s and page names with meta exposure.
  • Social options with comments system, Facebook and Twitter integration features.
  • Document Manager with content linking system, link one document to many sources.
  • Automated emailing systems.
  • Full Control over the menu systems.
  • Advanced Exporting and data management options.
  • Group based access control to provide varying levels of access.
  • Advanced workflow automation for publishing content.
Liquidus requires nothing more than a modern browser and a connection to the internet, it really is that simple! For smaller businesses this means you can always be connected, even when on the move and away from your desk. Larger companies can benefit from the reduced cost of supporting our browser based software implementations.

Elements Liquidus Content Management System can provide out of the box include

  • Content Managed Pages
  • News Articles 
  • Image Bank System
  • Image Gallery Options (including flickr integration)
  • FAQ System
  • Blogging System
  • User Commenting System
  • Flexible User Controlled Menu System
  • Case Studies System
  • Web Links System
  • About Us Pages
  • Diary / Calendar System

Liquidus CMS is 100% browser based content management framework which has be developed over many years to support the widest possible range of web sites today. Liquidus CMS enables you and your staff to create and manage your website online directly from you existing web browser. Wherever you are in the world and at whatever your requirements are Liquidus CMS can deliver. Your IT department don't need to install any special software because Liquidus CMS runs entirely online using our premium cloud platform.

Search Engine Friendly

Liquidus CMS has been designed with search engines in mind from the outset and it includes many advanced features specifically for Search Engines to ensure your Liquidus Web Site lists well in ALL the major engines.  With Liquidus CMS you can define global meta data including keywords which can then be customised per page, we also provide friendly URL to ensure each page you create is loved by Google's indexing robots.

Please visit the store for more details or Contact Us to discuss your specific needs. and discover the many different ways we can empower your business online.