Customisable User Interface

Liquidus offers a vast array of user options to allow the system to work as your business and staff need. Some of the key areas of customisation are explained in detail below. 


The Dashboard is the main hub of the system for most users. The dashboard contains customisable panels that group logical features together. Users can change the colours, layout and usage for each panel within the dashboard as required. Dashboard features, like the menu system are controlled via Liquidus built in Access Control System so users only see items you have granted them access to. 

System Management

The system management features allow you more detailed control over the system. Menu Items, Dashboard panels and other elements can all be renamed using this system. Reference data, lookup lists and dropdown data can all be controlled and managed via Liquidus System Lookups. This allows you to change labels & field values. 

Help System Manager

The Help System in Liquidus is also configurable directly from the system itself. This means that you can modify and add to the existing help system including adding new pages, editing existing pages and even modifying the tree menu items! Just like the dashboard and menu system, Liquidus controls access to the help system based settings in the Access Control System.

Why not contact us to arrange a live demo to see for yourself just how easy Liquidus is to use and how it can benefit your customers and support staff.