Ecommerce Systems

Liquidus CMS E-commerce Edition is a bespoke Content Management System framework that provides a wide range of interchangeable web site management features for use within your company website.  The E-commerce Edition includes everything you need to get your business and products and services online.  With Liquidus you benefit from a professional and powerful design based on your needs which includes many eCommerce best practices. Using Liquidus you can quickly set-up your product categories (or departments) and then start adding products for your eCommerce site, it really is that simple!

Shop Product Manager

Liquidus eCommerce provides rich controls for managing multiple images for each product via the image bank system.  You don’t need to worry about sizes and optimisations, just upload the images and let Liquidus do the rest, you define the default options based on a typing system that ensures all images are sized the same. Liquidus eCommerce provides tools to let you define your product details, specify sizes colours and pricing options.  Our team can even bulk load your product inventory if needed (please contact us for more details). Liquidus E-commerce provides simple controls to allow you to sort the products your business is selling online into groups called categories. This allows you to group your products so you could put all of your shirts and jumpers in a "clothes" category, while also having some of the same shirts in a "sales" category.

It's your eCommerce site and Liquidus puts you in control.

The product manager allows you to link related products together to help boost sales and uplift multiple item selling.  So if your selling MP3 players you can also link in the batteries, or headphones.  Liquidus eCommerce so offered featured products, we call this Popular Products which allow you to promote some items more by listing them on every page within your web site.

Accept Credit Cards Secure and Safe.

Liquidus provides standard payment gateways to both SagePay and PayPal and we can provide interfaces to other payment gateways like Worldpay on request. Your valued customer’s can pay for items in their Liquidus shopping basket using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal. Liquidus uses a payment gateway to accept credit card payments and customers card details are never stored on our servers.

Sage Support and Integration

We understand that many small to medium sizes businesses run Sage today and as part of our single supplier approach we are able to offer direct integration with Sage via Liquidus eCommerce.  We can also arrange dedicated Sage support for your business via our Sage Partners at Adept. 

Adept are Sage 50 accounting software specialists and Developers of the popular Adept Tools range of add-on software for Sage 50. Adept was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide the very best in Consultancy, support and Training to the Sage 50 SME community. Over the years Adept has lived up to this mission and they now have clients from around the world. 

Managing Online Orders

Liquidus eCommerce provides a fully automated ordering system directly from your admin console.  When new orders arrive we can send email or SMS notification to your order processing staff.  We also provide a range of emails that can be configured to automate notifications to the customer, keeping them posted of progress with their order.  Admin staff can access and manage customer orders directly from the admin console and status options and automation can all be managed here in real time.

Please get in touch and Contact Us to discuss your next steps into the world of eCommerce and let Liquidus help you open up your business products and services to the world.