Flexible Service Options

Here at we Liquidus understand that you don’t want to become a full-time systems administrator. Neither do you have time to keep up to date with all the latest security updates and patching involved with maintaining a web based presence these days.  We also understand that things just change. This is  more the case today than ever before and the rate of change with the internet is quite incredible. And we are here to help you.

Flexibility - The key to success

Based on your specific requirements, Liquidus can be delivered in a wide range of options including; fully managed, cloud hosted, internally hosted or run on your own existing hardware configurations.  Larger sites can run multiple installations if required and we offer a wide range of support and services options all available at excellent rates.  Start-ups need to keep their running costs low and we fully understand this.  This is why Liquidus comes in many variations. So with all our different options, we are able to support bigger companies and smaller start-ups. Our cloud based hosting platform can grow (and shrink) as your company demands require.   

Onsite or Offsite - We can do both

Liquidus can provide clients with the option of having services delivered on or off site. This includes training and support along with the physical hardware to support the running of your systems.  We are able to provide contracted and one time only support, it really is up to you.

Web Site Hosting In Salisbury

Our flexible cloud based hosting options are provided by the industry leading hosting experts Hyve.  We use Hyve for one vital reason. They are the best cloud based hosting and IT infrastructure solutions business in the UK today.  They offer significant operational cost-savings along with enhanced flexibility and scalability with unparalleled, immediate return on investment. Yes, that's your money we are saving. Liquidus deliver the computing resources via a fully managed network, enabling you to focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.

Why not visit the store or Contact Us to discover more about how we can assist your business using our tried and tested, scalable, flexible approach.