Helpdesk & Support Systems

Liquidus Helpdesk Edition is available as a standalone application or can be combined with any of the wide range of Liquidus versions including CMS and Ecommerce versions for complete, end to end customer service. Liquids Helpdesk is a feature rich help desk system that is a “true” web based browser application; it’s not just Citrix served / thin client Windows based application. Liquidus is accessible from Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and all the current popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. 

Internal and External Customer Support

Because all core functions are delivered via the web browser, Liquidus can be run from a link on your Intranet or public web site. Our web browser based software provides your business and company employees with online support and self help even out of normal office hours. Liquidus's simple and intuitive design features will allow you to get fully up to speed within hours of start-up. 
Liquidus does not require any special software to run. This helps reduce your running and support costs and also provides a professional and common interface between your support staff and your customers. 

Customers can make support requests using Liquidus, they can also track progress of existing requests, provide more details regarding an ongoing issue, upload supporting files and review previous requests. Because Liquidus is online, your customers can securely access any information they require as defined by your specific requirements.

Some of the core help desk features provided are

  • 100% Web Browser System.
  • Support Requests & Contract Manager
  • Update & Manage Existing Requests
  • Multiple Customer and Contact Management (CRM)
  • Upload Documents
  • Track Support Request Progress in real-Time
  • Graphical Reporting Options
  • Time and Date based Contract Options
  • Email & SMS Notification Options
  • Outlook Integration (Outlook Addin, Win32/64 installations)
  • Exchange Integration (Exchange Web Services)
  • Custom Workflow Configurations
Liquidus Help Desk Edition is a lightweight, easy to use and complete web based help desk software solution for small and medium size businesses. It can run as a remotely hosted service on our Hyve Cloud Platform, or internally as part of your existing windows network.

Providing Real-Time Support, Any Time, Anywhere.

Liquidus is web based and can accessed from any modern browser which means costs are kept under control, it's easy to use, just like browsing the web. Liquidus Help Desk Edition provides a configurable system that can match your workflow requirements, including SLA management precisely and it combines our flexible framework with options for rapid development and deployment as your business needs dictate.

Why not Contact Us to arrange a live demo to see for yourself just how easy Liquidus is to use and how it can benefit your customers and support staff.