How does Liquidus work?

Managing a modern website today and ensuring you take the right decisions regrading tactical direction and feature sets has become a very complex process.  Many site owners often find themselves involved in a battle of time (and money) versus effectiveness. These very same site owners often find themselves asking the question 'Why does all the good stuff cost so much these days?' This is where Liquidus comes in. 

Liquidus Content Management System

Liquidus is here to help. To help make your life as a site owner that extra bit nicer. To help you achieve those ever decreasing budgets and reach those ever decreasing time-scales. Everyone wants more for less, and Liquidus is here to provide that.  Liquidus is a dynamic online system developed to manage a huge range of online web sites and applications, including eCommerce and content management.

With Liquidus CMS Edition you can:

  • Create your own web site content without learning HTML.
  • Co-ordinate who edits which sections within your team.
  • Keep tight control over your brand and company style guidelines.
  • Reuse content, images and other assets without duplicating additional work.

Why should you choose Liquidus Content Management System?

Liquidus offers a cost effective, simple to use, entry point into having a presence online. But yet too just as high a standard we can also deliver huge web sites with thousands of pages and products that generate millions of pounds worth of online sales. Liquidus is unique because it is both off the shelf and bespoke at the same time, you can start small and grow or start big and grow. Either way Liquidus will deliver.  

If you have ever used a fixed CMS is the past then no doubt at sometime you would have reached the point were the system just won't do what you need. Maybe you need more images, or different categorisation, there is always something more needed from your software at some point.  When you reach this junction as a site owner you are often faced with the extreme cost and loss of business that comes with starting again with a new site. Or alternatively, you face going without the new features and the risk to business that this causes. This situation can not and will not happen with Liquidus because if you need something bespoke then our development team can simply add it, this is how we strive to work.

Additional reading on systems we have delivered using Liquidus Content Management System.

Atkins Global - Minor Works Information System
Liquidus Workflow Edition provides a powerful and cost effective workflow process management framework that allow business processes to be defined and managed with ease. 

BAA Spartan Project - Desktop Migration Manager
Liquidus Workflow Edition was used to develop a Desktop Migration Management System which featured SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) integration.

St Marks Pre-School Content Managed Site
St. Mark’s pre-school is a community pre-school that utilised Liquidus CMS Edition. This means that it is not a business but it is a charitable pre-school run by an elected committee of parents. 

BAA Telecoms Programme Workflow System
Liquidus Workflow Edition was utilised to help assist BAA manage the Network Telecoms Programme with it`s £137m programme of IT overhaul at Heathrow.

BARC – Purchase Order Requisition System
With Liquidus you can define multiple workflows categorised as your business requires. This implementation helped support PO request system.

Capita Symonds - The Hub
Liquidus was used as a framework to help Property and IT specialists at Capita Symonds produce the property hub. Liquidus framework was part of an integrated solution that pulls together real time and static data from across the organisation.

CrystalNet Limited - Web Based Help-Desk System
CrystalNet Limited utilise both the Content Management and Help Desk Editions of our popular Liquidus CMS Framework to deliver both web site content and web based help desk support for their customers. 

Sealpac UK Intranet Management System
Sealpac UK`s Liquids Intranet Management System was developed using the Intranet Edition of our framework which to enables the sites content to be managed without any technical knowledge of HTML. 

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