Intranet Management

Do you wish your business was doing more with your company’s internal intranet system?  Do you dream of being able to link your e-commerce site directly to your intranet for sales tracker meetings in real-time?  Your wishes can now be answered with Liquidus Intranet Edition, our latest version of the popular Liquidus CMS.

Liquidus Intranet Edition can be run on your internal networks (Microsoft Windows) and provide you and your staff with quick and easy access to your intranet content.  When run internally, Liquidus can support single sign via Active Directory and using our powerful Access Control System you can quickly define groups and assign users accordingly, allowing you to assign certain roles and restrict access as required.  If you have an existing system and you are worried about recreating all your content from scratch, then please talk to use about our migration services and let us take the strain.

Liquidus Intranet Edition provides a range of functions including

  • Content Management
  • Help Desk Support
  • Call Logging / including VOIP integration
  • Timesheet System
  • Management Reporting Interfaces
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Calendar and Events
  • Workflow Process Manager
Quite often in today’s busy modern IT world, the software situation for intranets in enterprises and SME’s can end up in quite a sorry state. From the very top level management right down to the employees that drive the business daily, you often find that everyone ends up at the mercy of those power crazy beasts better known as the system admins. Your companies productivity is very much dependant on whatever brand of software they choose to impose on you and quite often this is based on the technical drivers and not the business needs. This is a fundamental mistake.  Liquidus Intranet Edition is different, it is lightweight and flexible and can run on almost any Microsoft platform either as a standalone implementation or as part of your existing framework. 

Document management 

Liquidus Intranet Edition offers a cost effective option to stand as an alternative against the backdrop of endless poorly implemented vanilla SharePoint installations. Our developers are well versed in SharePoint and it’s many web parts. Liquidus is built on the .Net framework too and also runs on SQL Server but that where the similarities end. Liquidus provides a wide range of bespoke document management features that can be customised to suit specific business requirements - your requirements.

Why not Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and a member of our team will be happy to assist with your enquiry.