Management Reporting (MIS)

Management Information System within Liquidus is used for generating reports including usage, status reports, helpdesk and support staff performance and other metrics. These reports are essential for analyzing different aspects of your business helpdesk and customer support levels. These reports also help to answer 'what-if' questions like what would be the effect of reduced support staff. 

Liquidus comes preconfigured with a wide range of MIS reports as standard, you can also request new reports as required to provide better, more bespoke reporting to suit your business needs. 

MIS reports in Liquidus can be exported to a wide range of formats including;

  • PDF – Portable Document Format
  • XLS – Microsoft Excel Format
  • XLSX - Microsoft Excel Format
  • CSV – Comma Separated Values Format 
  • XML – Extensible Markup Language Format 

Why not book a live demo to see just how powerful Liquidus Reporting is and discover how Liquidus can help drive greater cost savings.

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