Smartphone & Tablet Ready

Web sites and the way people consume their content is a fluid and dynamic demand on your company’s resources.  This demand is always changing and at an incredible rate too mainly due to the explosive growth of the smart phone and tablet devices.  So how does your business stay ahead of the competition and how do you ensure your web site is functional and usable on all of these ever expanding range of access devices, responsive web design is the approach we have taken with Liquidus.

What is response web design?

Response web design is design framework that is created to response to the screen size and features provided by the client browser that is accessing it.  Content, images navigation and the layout is all designed to respond specifically to the device it is being viewed on.  Some desktop based browsers with larger screens render you site accordingly based on the large screen size and typical inputs from a keyboard and mouse whereas mobile browsers are offered a smaller version optimised for the smaller screens with touch based input allowances.

Why use responsive web design?

They are many factors and fundamental benefits and gains to be had by adopting responsive design for your web site existing users and potential customers;

  • Better user experience - with Liquidus your site and it’s valuable content will automatically adjust all by itself to ensure that text and images look good regardless of the screen or device being used.  You can configure menus and pages that specifically target different devices which allow you to offer simpler versions of the same site to different devices.

  • Reduced cost of ownership – by using our response design framework you only have one web site for all devices which means you no longer have to maintain multiple sites for different browsers as is common place today.

  • Ahead of the curve – the simple fact is that without a response site of some description you are losing business.  As personal devices become more powerful and people use them to access more diverse services on the move those web sites without response design will start to see there number drop.  

  • Practice for the future – Don’t take our word for it, why not take this opportunity to review the statistics for your existing site, or maybe review Netcraft’s latest stats for the internet in general.  You will notice almost immediately that the rise of the mobile device unequivocal and the way people access the internet is changing.

With the increase in Tablet sales and smartphone devices set to continue and the demise of the desktop also widely reported, responsive design is key to staying one step ahead of your competitors and establishing market share.

Why not contact us to arrange a live demo to see for yourself just how easy Liquidus is to use and how it can benefit your customers and support staff.