UK Cloud Hosting Services

Liquidus CMS is an extremely powerful and flexible Content Management System which is capable of delivering a massive range of varying web sites and web based applications for all manor of clients and business requirements.  We think that a Content Management System this flexible needs a diverse and scalable hosting platform which is why we selected Microsoft Azure as our preferred provider.

Premium Cloud Hosting - Microsoft Azure

All cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, offer a collection of pooled computing resources but not all cloud hosting companies are equal. Microsoft Azure is a mission-critical, secure and managed environment that is a cut above the rest. Microsoft Azure have a strict "No Single Point of Failure" approach and their best-of-breed hardware selections make them a clear choice for those seeking a reliable, secure cloud hosting platform.

The reasons why we only recommend Microsoft Azure are simple:

  • Secure - Microsoft Azure offer Intrusion Prevention & DDoS.
  • Reliable - No Single point of failure architecture and a 'no-compromise' approach to hardware.
  • Scalability- Instant adapt cloud resources that respond to web traffic events.
  • Super-Fast - High performance fibre channel drives provide light speed disk access.
  • Industry Leading SLA - 100% cloud server up-time guarantee.
Our hosting is provided by Microsoft Azure so Contact Us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Public Web Site Hosting

We provide a flexible range of cloud based hosting and provide web, database, email and support services to suit all requirements and budgets. We are sure you will find the hosting packages we offer extremely competitive but we don't limit Liquidus CMS hosting in any way. Microsoft Azure are our preferred hosting platform provider but we can deliver our Liquidus to you via your existing provider if required. If you would prefer to arrange and manage your own hosting then please contact us for more details on the technology you will require to support your own hosting.

Intranet Applications Hosting

We offer a range of options for running Liquidus as part of your internal systems. We can provide the following different installation options including

  • Full Cloud Based
  • Local Install (on to existing hardware)
  • Local Install (with new hardware)
  • Local Install (with a fully managed rented server)
So no matter what your business requirements are, we have a hosting solution that will fit. That is a promise so please contact us today to find out more.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your specific hosting requirements.