100% Web Browser Based

Liquidus requires nothing more than a modern browser and a connection to the internet, it really is that simple! For smaller businesses this means you can always be connected, even when on the move and away from your desk. Larger companies can benefit from the reduced cost of supporting our browser based software implementations. Getting started with a Liquidus solution could not be simpler, create your users, assign permissions and then send out welcome emails (yes, Liquidus does this for you). That’s it, no installs, no active directory changes, no firewalls to change, no problems for small and large businesses alike.

Access anywhere - All of the time

Unlike normal installed applications, web based applications are accessible any-time, anywhere, via a device with an internet connection and a suitable browser. This helps put you, the user (you know, the important bit) in charge of where, when and how you access your Liquidus.

Accessible today and tomorrow (and the day after tomorrow)

Because Liquidus is 100% browser based you can be sure it will be around for many years to come without extra cost. Windows 8 is coming and Liquidus is already guaranteed to work because windows 8 happens to have browser support, and that’s all Liquidus needs.  

Interoperability, if it talks, Liquidus can hear

Liquidus uses nothing but standardised web based code to deliver a cutting edge user experience, using common internet technologies based on world-wide standards. This makes it possible to achieve great levels of interoperability with other application using technologies like XML and Web Services for data exchange.

In Demand, On Demand

Liquidus can be run as a fully managed system using our Cloud Hosting Services. With our Cloud Hosting we are able to scale our platform to suit your specific requirements. You can start small, and grow, Liquidus will grow with you. For over a decade, our hosting partner Hyve have been providing a full range of managed hosting services tailored for demanding business use. Hyve's bespoke approach to client requirements has made them a pioneer in the UK cloud hosting sector.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Liquidus offers a significant benefit by using the common web browser to provide rich applications which is ideal for cost-effectiveness.  For example with a Liquidus intranet based application yoru business can publish most(all) of the company documents through your Liquidus intranet web pages. This will save your company money on printing documents, distributing information and document maintenance overhead. More cost reduction is achieved from the reduced meetings, more joined up communications, reduced travel and telephone time. Also, additional funds can be saved compared to a conventional client-server thick application system because an intranet’s cost “per seat” is much lower. 

Web Browser based apps can speed up your staffing communications through e-mail, chat and other internet based mediums. Communication and collaboration are a cornerstone of good business today and help form the foundation of browser based intranet applications. Liquidus applications can enhance the communication and collaboration of your company staff allowing for just-in-time delivery and better knowledge sharing while also promoting a more mobile and virtual team working approach. 

Please Contact Us for more details on how Liquidus can empower your business and your staff to do more and help your business thrive against your competitors.