Workflow & Process Management

Liquidus Workflow is designed to help with every day, bespoke business process automation and our approach is very easy to understand and implement.  In its simplest form, a business workflow is something that your company does; it could be a pre-sale process, a faults and returns system or even just a holiday request procedure.  If we break these things down you will discover they are all quite similar, and different.   Each of these three examples involves a number of steps, within varying timelines and carried out by different staff members (or teams) with different sets of data.  

How does Liquidus Workflow Edition work?

With Liquidus you can define multiple workflows, categorised as your business requires.  Within each workflow you can setup processes, things that need to be done with rules to say who can do it, when it should be done and what order these processes should occur.  You can also define who gets notifications when processes start, end or when they are late, what fields are required at each process and much more including automated emails, letter preparation and scheduling.  Liquidus manages all these processes (or pieces of work) as tasks which are assigned automatically based on your needs, defined by your staff to help reduce admin time and improve your operational effectiveness and improve profitability.  Managers can report on the status of any workflow for any customer in real time, no chasing, no spread sheets, no fuss.

Why do we need Workflow Software?

Liquidus was design to provide support for many different complex business functions and has been used for many years with success with many blue chip companies to deliver automation for functions including;

  • Pre Sales Automation
  • Quote and Order Processing
  • Infrastructure Migrations
  • Desktop Migrations (With SCCM integration)
  • GPRS Asset & Fleet Management
  • Routine Inspections
  • Property Management Processes
  • IT Provisioning Services
  • Help Desk and Fault Escalation Management
Liquidus Workflow Edition has been utilised in various bespoke software implementations over the last decade to support a massive range of Business Process Models and our team are always happy to discuss ANY requirements you may have.

Atkins Global - Minor Works Information System
Liquidus Workflow Edition provides a powerful and cost effective workflow process management framework that allow business processes to be defined and managed with ease. 

BAA Spartan Project - Desktop Migration Manager
Liquidus Workflow Edition was used to develop a Desktop Migration Management System which featured SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) integration.

Capita Symonds - The Hub
Liquidus was used as a framework to help Property and IT specialists at Capita Symonds produce the property hub. Liquidus framework was part of an integrated solution that pulls together real time and static data from across the organisation.

BAA Telecoms Programme Workflow System
Liquidus Workflow Edition was utilised to help assist BAA manage the Network Telecoms Programme with it`s £137m programme of IT overhaul at Heathrow.

BARC – Purchase Order Requisition System
With Liquidus you can define multiple workflows categorised as your business requires. This implementation helped support PO request system.

With Liquidus Workflow, no business process is too big or too small so please Contact Us today and arrange a test drive, you will not be disappointed.